Welcome to Rafferty Steeplejacks, the UK’s leading industrial chimney specialist.
With nearly 70 years experience in the steeplejack industry, Rafferty Steeplejacks can provide your company with a full in-house turnkey solution whatever your requirements are in relation to industrial chimneys and specialised steeplejack access.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is the forerunner of every job undertaken throughout the company with strong emphasis on pre-planning and management consultation to define and highlight potential hazards and danger. read more

Inspections & Maintenance

Chimney inspection and maintenance have for years been prime elements to the core business of Rafferty Steeplejacks, with our chimney inspection and maintenance service covering all types of chimney structures. read more

Case Study

In 2009/2010 Rafferty Steeplejacks were contracted by Shell UK to carry out detailed inspection and maintenance works on the 3 No. steel liners within the 151.3m high HPBH concrete chimney during the 2010 planned shutdown period. read more

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  • Sam Rafferty (1923-1993)

    Rafferty Steeplejacks was formed as a result of Sam Rafferty being a paratrooper in the 6th Airborne Division during World War II. Sam came from a very poor working class family, he worked down Chatterley Whitfield coal mine as a pan lad from 11 years of age. He was buried alive for two days until he was rescued. He continued to work down the pit until he was 14 years old.
    read more
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