• Nash Peake Works,Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 5BT England

Steel Chimney Modifications Complete

Rafferty’s have successfully completed structural modifications and repairs on a 37m high steel chimney for a valued client in the North West of England.

A re-design and feasibility study of the structure was initially carried out which revealed that modifications and repairs were required to ensure the structural integrity of the chimney. The modifications included removing the existing helical strake wind stabilisers and replacing them with a liquid filled stabilising damper system. Steel stiffening work was also carried out to an area of the chimney shell below roof level. Repair works included replacing areas of the internal gunite lining which had previously failed. A team of steeplejacks and welder platers successfully completed the project to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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Northern Ireland Contract Secured

Rafferty’s have secured a contract to carry out structural repairs and modifications to a 73.2m high multi flue steel chimney for a valued customer in Northern Ireland.

Following a re-design and feasibility study of the structure it was determined that the existing helical strake wind stabilisers should be removed and a new liquid filled stabilsing damper system be installed. Steel stiffening work is also required to areas of the chimney windshield where metal loss has previously occured.

The contract is expected to take approximately 4/5 weeks and will be undertaken by a team of 3 steeplejack operatives, two of which are fully coded welder platers.

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Company Name Change

Rafferty’s have changed the name of their Company from Rafferty Chimneys Engineering Ltd to Rafferty International Limited, having sucessfully completed projects in numerous countries throughout the World.

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Emergency Repair Works Underway Within 24 Hours

Rafferty Steeplejacks have recently carried out an external and internal inspection of 2 No. HRSG steel chimneys for a valued client on a power station in the South West of England. The internal inspection revealed that the 2 No. chimneys had started to buckle in a specific area on both stacks. Following further investigation works externally it was determined that the buckled areas corresponded to the position of external cladding rings which had been holding moisture and deteriorting the chimney shell externally.

The two HRSG steel chimneys stand approximately 65m high above ground level and have a diameter of 6.3m. With the strucutral integrity of these huge chimneys now hanging in the balance, Rafferty’s carried out detailed design calculations, formulated a suitable repair method and, to the relief of the client, mobilised a team of 8 highly trained steeplejack and welder plater operatives to site within 24 hours.  The two teams of 4 are now working in tandem on both chimneys and are carrying out structural plating and strenghening works thoughout the full circumference of the chimneys in the defective areas.

Rafferty’s unrivalled design capabilities and knowledge of steel chimney structures have proven paramount in this emergency situation and their employment of a highly specialised workforce have enabled a prompt and professional service to be provided at very short notice.

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University Hospital of North Staffordshire Contract Complete

Rafferty Steeplejacks have successfully completed inspection and maintenance works on the 2 No. multi flue steel chimneys at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. With only a handful of chimneys now left in Stoke-On-Trent, Rafferty’s were delighted to be rewarded with this local contract.

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Rafferty Steeplejacks Take Transport Seriously

The management of Rafferty Steeplejacks regard the transport of their labour and equipment as an intergral part of our safe and reliable service to our valued customers. Rafferty’s continually review, maintain and update their fleet of transport and have today taken delivery of a new £20,000.00 Mercedes Vito van. The new van can comfortably transport 3 steeplejack operatives along with large quantities of plant, equipment and materials required for all types of chimney work. The van has also been fitted with a custom made roof rack to enable steeplejack ladders to be safely secured to the roof of the van during transport.

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