• Nash Peake Works,Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 5BT England

Having the specialist knowledge and expertise to gain access to what would appear inaccessible high level locations at a cost effective price has been the unique selling point of our business since its formation. With traditional forms of steeplejack access methods at its roots, advances in technology, equipment and safety have enabled the company to modernise the way in which its methods of working at height are performed.


Rope access is a form of work positioning and the use of ropes to enable access to structures has been in existence for centuries. The traditional Bosun’s chair, which was inherited by the steeplejack industry from its original maritime application, has been a tried and tested form of abseiling for decades. However, the use of the traditional Bosun’s chair in the working at height sector is rapidly decreasing and is being replaced by the modern day twin rope abseiling methods and equipment, which offers more versatility and more advanced safety and rescue benefits.

All of Rafferty’s rope access operatives are trained to either IRATA or BS ISO 22846 in the use of Industrial Rope Access Techniques and associated Rescue Procedures.

The use of various forms of steeplejack access methods are still widely used on industrial chimneys and other tall structures.

All of Rafferty’s operatives hold C.I.T.B. NVQ Diplomas in Steeplejack Access Operations & Rigging. All trainee steeplejacks attend the C.I.T.B. run steeplejack training college in Bircham Newton to obtain their NVQ Diploma. Furthermore, all operatives receive additional external training for fixing/testing Anchors for Steeplejacking.

Fixed modular scaffold platforms and suspended access platforms are commonly used by the Company to enable inspection and maintenance works on industrial chimneys and other tall structures.

Fixed modular scaffold platforms are specifically designed for their purpose and can be fitted on almost any type of structure whether brick, concrete or steel construction. The benefit of this type of access platform is that it can fixed to any level of a structure and when compared to traditional scaffolding from ground level, it is much quicker and easier to install, reducing man hours when working at height and overall cost for the client.

Once fixed modular scaffold platforms are in position, they are designed to support suspended access platforms such as cradles, thus providing a safe working platform throughout the full height of a particular structure.

When considering the HSE’s Hierarchy of Control when working at height, the use of MEWP’s or a crane & man basket are becoming a much more common means of access for high level maintenance and inspection work in particular.

Rafferty’s operatives are IPAF trained for the use of MEWP’s and are trained in lifting, slinging and supervising lifts for cranes. We also employ our own qualified CPCS Appointed Person.