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Moorcroft Bottle Oven Restoration

Rafferty Steeplejacks are undertaking a complete restoration project of a brick bottle oven chimney in of the heart of the Potteries (Stoke-On-Trent). The structure, which belongs to Moorcroft Pottery, is over 90 years old and the restoration works have attracted the interest of the local Sentinal newspaper – please click on the following link to read artical. http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/news/Bottle-oven-restoration-coming-nicely/article-2987652-detail/article.html

Rafferty’s are very privileged to be involved in a project that helps preserve the heritage of their home city. The following photograph shows the second and third generation of the Rafferty steeplejack family, Nick Rafferty (right) and Matt Rafferty (Left), taking the opportunity to stand at the top of this now very rare structure.


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120m High Concrete Chimney Works UK Oil Refinery

UK Oil Refinery 2006/2007 Shutdown.
Inspection & Repairs to 120m High Platformer 3 Concrete Chimney.

Rafferty Steeplejacks have been involved in every major shutdown on this oil refinery since 1974. The major shutdown in late 2006 and early 2007 was no different and we were awarded several chimney inspection and repair contracts during this period. The contract highlighted above was considered the largest and most demanding during this particular shutdown.

A full internal and external inspection of the 120m high platformer 3 reinforced concrete chimney was required, along with possible repair works resulting from the inspection. This work was carried out by erecting traditional steeplejack ladders on one elevation to the termination point of the chimney. At 100m above ground level a safety fan deck scaffolding was erected which ran throughout the full circumference of the chimney. Modular frame scaffolding was then erected at approximately 118m above ground level and ran throughout the full circumference of the chimney to form a working deck. Suitable scaffolding was then erected over the termination point of the chimney to enable an internal inspection of the brickwork lining on all elevations from a man riding winch and steel gondola. An all elevation external inspection of the concrete chimney shell was carried out utilising man riding cradle access. The following photographs demonstrate the scaffolding and access methods utilised for this contract (please click on images to enlarge).

Following the inspection various repair works were carried out both externally and internally.

The external repair works included the following;

1. The existing termination point castings were replaced with a new stainless steel capping arrangement which was designed and manufactured in-house – please view the following images and click to enlarge.

2. Numerous concrete and fracture repairs were carried out throughout the full height of the concrete chimney shell on all elevations.

The internal repair works included the following;

1. Brickwork fracture repairs were carried out throughout the full height of the lining using Sairset acid resistant mortar.

2. The corbelled expansion joints at the top of each brickwork lift underwent repairs and were re-packed with ceramic fibre insulation and rockwool insulation – please view the following images and click to enlarge.

The aforementioned project was successfully completed within the required shutdown period, without any safety incidents and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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