• Nash Peake Works,Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 5BT England

• Laddered visual inspection with written report and recommendations
• Photographic surveys
• Video film inspection
• Concrete core test samples to determine compressive strengths, carbonation and sulphates
• Cover meter checks to locate reinforcing and sizes
• Boroscope surveys to determine thickness of concrete, internal fracture, laminations
• Schmidt hammer testing
• Lightning conductors: installed, modified and tested to BS EN 62305:2006 protection against lightning
• Internal surveys of refractory brick/gunite, steel linings, using ultrasonic testing technique to determine level of corrosion on steel liners
• Concrete repairs using non shrinkable cementitious materials or epoxy resin based materials. Fractures either polysulphide sealed or resin injected. Painting using masonry or chlorinated rubber coatings

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Corrective Maintenance  – click on images to enlarge