Rafferty’s have successfully completed a full refurbishment of a 40m high brick chimney at Aizlewood’s Mill, in Sheffield. A brief description of the repair works included the following;

  • Installation of multi-lift scaffolding at the termination point of the stack complete with safety netting.
  • Man riding cradle access was installed to enable safe access to all elevations of the chimney below the termination point scaffolding. 
  • Careful restoration of the chimneys decorative stone head.
  • Cutting out and replacing spalled bricks on all elevations.
  • Raking out and re-pointing mortar joints throughout the full height of the chimney on all elevations.
  • Repairs to existing steel retaining bands and corner angle irons.
  • Manufacture and installation of a stainless steel capping arrangement.
  • Modifications to the lightning protection system to comply with BS EN 62305:2006.

On completion of the works our customer was so pleased with the conduct of our company and the steeplejacks on site that they took the time to write a letter of gratitude to which all at Rafferty’s were very grateful to receive (please see copy below). Rafferty’s would like to take this opportunity to thank Catherine and everyone involved at Aizlewood’s Mill for their hospitality and kind words of appreciation for the service we provided.

The photographs below show the chimney repairs carried out.

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