Rafferty Steeplejacks have been awarded a contract to carry out the complete refurbishment of a 27m high brick chimney at the Greater Manchester Police Museum in Central Manchester. The works will include the following;

  • Installation of safety fan deck scaffolding directly above roof level to protect members of the public in the event of falling debris.
  • Installation of multi-lift scaffolding throughout the full height of the chimney above roof level. The multi-lift scaffold arrangement will be fully enclosed using Monarflex sheeting.
  • Cutting out and replacing approximately 60 No. spalled bricks on all elevations.
  • Raking out and re-pointing of all mortar joints throughout the full height of the chimney on all elevations.
  • Repairs to the chimneys stone head and replacement of existing steel retaining band at the termination point.
  • Design & installation of a new lightning protection system to comply with BS EN 62305:2006.