Rafferty’s have recently carried out the partial dismantling of a 39m high steel chimney for Severn Trent Water at their Roundhill Sewage Treatment Works.

The following comments were received from Mr John Wilks – Technical Planning & Logistics Technician for Severn Trent Water on successful completion of the works;

“Can I just pass on my personal thanks for an outstanding and professional job that was carried out at Roundhill Sewage Works today by your employees and sub – contractors. I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and calmness of all parties involved on site today carrying out a high risk job in a perfect manner from start to finish.

To bring a gang of people together to carry out a high risk task isn’t easy and the guys today made it look a doddle. They are a credit to you.

Can I also thank all other people involved in getting this work done in a safe and efficient manner throughout. It is a good job well done and will ensure that our employees can carry on with there daily duties with this risk eliminated.”

Rafferty’s would like to thank John for his kind comments and praise all their staff who were involved in this contract.