• Nash Peake Works,Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 5BT England

Steel chimneys of today generally have a 10-20 year design life. By analysing inspection information Rafferty’s can provide, via its Computer Aided Design facility, a service which actually determines the remaining life of any particular chimney – essential when the condition of a steel chimney is estimated to have reached a critical stage.

• Inspected to BS4076, HSE GS53 and ATLAS Guidelines
• Laddered visual inspection with written report and recommendations
• Photographic surveys
• Video film inspection
• Lightning conductors: installed, modified and tested to BS EN 62305:2006 protection against lightning
• Non-destructive ultrasonic testing technique to determine level of corrosion
• Internal surveys of refractory brick/gunite, steel and rubber linings
• External repairs involving painting, aluminium cladding repairs, welding, stiffening and over plating

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Corrective Maintenance  – click on images to enlarge